Monday, March 26, 2007

I stole this from Gramdma's blog

Mom went to Herman Avenue Elementary to meet Devon for 'Book and Breakfast' where Devon read to her. He is really into reading about animals...mostly dangerous animals.

Connor loves to color

Connor usually uses different items to make the letters that he is learning in school. The E is made of egg noodles and recently he brought

Jellybeaned "J". The clown is a puppet that he made out of a paper bag.

Some of Devons Art

Devon loves to draw. Here are a few of his 'action' scenes. When he explains what is going on in the pictures, he explains it like it was happening 'in the moment'. Sometimes it takes him over a half hour for one picture explanation. I love his imagination. He has just written a short story about Star Fighters. I will post it soon. The sheep picture is from school and up close you would be able to see that all parts of the sheep adds up to 15. He is great in math.


I dont dont ask

I can seriously say that they play just as hard as they work. It was kind of emotional

for the seniors that were leaving the team.

Megs Last Fuzion Competition - OHIO

Meg just came home from a large competition in Ohio. I think they placed 4th. One of the girls leg gave out while she was at the top of the stunt group doing a bow and arrow and the whole thing came down during warmups. I believe that she is now in a wheelchair and has to have surgery. Aside from this, Meg had a good time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Uncle Dans Birthday

He picked the best birthday dinner too!


Fun in the snow

First of all, the glasses are really part of a nerf gun-human target-eye protection set...though here they are being used either for sun protection or eye protection from the snowballs...mostly though for looking cool.

A little bit of art

The artist formerly known as Devon

This was one of many beautiful Valentines Day presents to me from Connor. He also just had a full day of fun at school for the Chinese New Year. Along with taste testing foods, making necklaces, and learing about the significance of the color red, he made the dragon and the hat.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Meg & Lindsey cooking fudge and something else for Asian day at school.

Connor & Grandma

Connor had "Book and Breakfast" at Herman Avenue Elementary school. His teacher is Mrs. Marginsky.

Meg helping me drive from DC to Troy NY to home.

The Clan

Ashley's Wedding

Ashley and Hank's Wedding was so beautiful.