Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We went under the falls but the Maid of the Mist was not opened yet.


Skyline Inn

We stayed at the Skyline Inn. Meg and Connor went into Frankensteins haunted house. Devon really wanted to go but he was nice and stayed with me because I was too scared to go in. One cool thing we did was go into a Mirror Maze. It was so wild because we had to feel our way around and you couldnt tell if you were standing right next to someone or if it was a reflection.

We went to several different places. We loved the Rainforest Cafe. It had real snakes and fish in the restaurant. It was just like being in the forest. It rained and thunderstormed every half hour. The fake animals came alive every 15 minutes...monkeys, elephants, etc.

We also went to two 4D movies. The first one was Dinosaur II and we were in the ship that captured a T-Rex. It had a bug that came down right in front of you and I looked over and Meg was swatting at it in mid air. I freaked out when the T-Rex was close and snapping at us and his spit flew at us (water from a built in spray thing in the theater). It had waves of smoke when our machine was in distress. The second movie we saw was Glasier something and it was like being on roller coaster. The seats in the theater moved so much, you had a seatbelt. We loved it.

Meg, Devon and Connor all held a real crocodile and a yellow albino python. I had to get the pictures from them so I will post them separately. Actually, it was pretty gross and I was amazed at how brave all three of them were.

Holding the birds

Devon and Connor both held this bird that the staff informed them would bite them if they tried to pet it...

Inside the Bird Kingdom

We went to a place called the Bird Kingdom. It had open rooms with little birds flying around and also a big pathway leading you through a very large bird kingdom where the birds were very big, very colorful and very brave. The would land on you, fly right by you or walk right in your path. We stopped for lunch within the bird kingdom at a safari cafe...that I may add was not very sanitary as the birds came in and out while you ate. They would land above you and walk by your lunch.


This was the inside waterpark. It was connected to our hotel. We went for a few hours on Friday where Meg and I raced the boys down the slides. The air was warm and the water was like bath water. The second day, Meg and I sat in the lounge chairs and just watched the boys play in the outdoor basketball water hoop and the inside wave pool. We relaxed and talked about nothing and everything at the same time. It was perfect.