Sunday, March 9, 2008

Play date with Park

She was getting Devon with her feet.


At the Museum of Science, we

took an underwater tour of Lake Ontario. That was the boys favorite part because it was like a roller coaster with a video camera.

Connor helped the scientist with an electricity experiment where Connor touching the lightbulb and holding the scientist hand, made the light work...he got a few 'shocks' when it happened and actually said it hurt a little bit.

Digging up dino bones in the earth...


These pictures were taken in the 'Grossology' exibit. It was all about body functions. Connor is at the top of a patch of skin. You can also see him feeding a man some soda so he could hear him burp. There was part about body smells and snot dripping from a figures really was gross.

The harp had invisible harp strings that you could play and hear the sounds. Devon and Connor were pilots for about ten minutes.

The uneven house...
Notice how she has one hand in Devons hair and her face next to his...truth be told...her fingers are gripping his hair and pulling his face into hers. She is a cheek snuggler through and through.

Playing with Parkalish

Whenever we get a free moment, our very favorite activity is holding the Prime...